Replacing Handpiece Turbines Yourself- What you Need to Know

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Want to save a little bit on your repair costs? Replacing your own turbines is a great way in achieving this. However, before you fully dive in, make sure you listen closely. Many people jump into thinking doing their own turbine replacement is easy, but there is actually a lot more to in than one may think.

Does it Really Save me Money? The main reason that dentist replace their own turbines is to save money. I have had people tell me before, “I just do it for fun”; That is hard to believe that you would want to fit this into your tight schedule, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Anyways, replacing your own turbines does not necessarily save you money. The most common repair in high speed dental handpieces is that their bearings break. Replacing an entire turbine when a bearing breaks can be a little extreme, and a little more expensive. If you can get your turbines for less than $100, then yes; most companies charge $100 to replace the bearings on the handpiece. If you pay more than $100 for a turbine you will actually be losing money. You’re paying more to replace the turbine than it costs to fix the bearings. One way to check if the turbine needs replaced is if it will not hold a bur. If your bur is slipping out, it may be time to change your turbine.


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Things to Watch out for- Changing handpiece turbines can actually be much more complicated than it seems. It may be a pain to successfully remove the o-rings from the head and back cap; also, make sure you know all the accessories the turbine uses, as some handpieces require washers, press plates, shims, and other things to make them work right. O-Rings need replaced every time you replace the turbine, and unless you have a Star or a Impact Air, They can be very hard to get out.

When you finally remove and install new o-rings, make sure the washers and shims (if required) are set into place inside the head and back cap. If they aren’t you can bend them and ruin them, and your handpiece will not run right without them.

Don’t use Bare Hands- This may sound strange, but it is true. The oils on your skin can cause the handpiece turbine (mainly the bearings) to fail much sooner than they actually should. Make sure to put gloves on, and work very slowly with the new turbine.

Personally, I think that replacing turbines yourself can be much harder than you have time for. What do you think?

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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Have your Customers Find you


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As anyone who owns any type of business will know, the key to making it successful is by having customers. No customers = no money = no business. Many people say, “customers make the world go round” which is absolutely true. In dentistry, it is a bit harder to find customers. With a lot of competition, and many people and their desire to stay with the dentist who “they have had for years” it becomes very hard to find new customers.

One of the keys to finding new customers, isn’t really finding new ones at all. Create relationships with families and friends. If you create strong enough relationships, you have found yourself a lifelong customer; if they are young, they will have their children come to you as well. Walaah! You have a new lifelong customer that you have done minimal work to acquire.

Another way in finding new customers can be through referrals from other dentists. This is one of the best ways of acquiring new clients.  Another way, which is also very easy, is making yourself found on Google, and social media platforms. With the internet getting larger and larger, and becoming a huge part of someone’s everyday life, let yourself be found. when they type in “dentist” on google, make sure your name will be there. Create a strong website, and start asking customers to review your practice. This way, when they find you, they can look at your reviews, and see just how awesome you are.

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Social media is also a huge part of getting new customers. Create a social media page on every popular site: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Start posting, and sharing posts related to yours. Have customer check-in on facebook; the more activity your page receives, the more people will see it. Also, start posting and sharing blogs. It is a great way to speak to many potential customers, and attract them to your website.

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Avoiding Cancellations and No-Shows

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One thing that plagues dentists throughout the country is the fact that some clients will show up late, cancel last minute, or don’t show up at all. This may not seem like a problem for the average person, however, for a dentist who is trying to run their business; big problem! Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips to help everybody resolve this issue, once and for all.

I’m sure everyone reading this has had this problem, or knows the effects that persists from it. If not, I will briefly explain anyways. Schedule is stacked, completely booked for the next 4 months, what do you think would happen if someone doesn’t show up for their appointment? Well, they are going to come in with an excuse, and want to come in ASAP. They expect you to tend to their needs, even from their own mistake; a certainly sticky situation for the people involved.

Now what if they show up 1 hour early, and still want their appointment? Even worse, they’re the first client of the day! This is almost worst case scenario. Now you have to play catch-up throughout the rest of your day, but still try to make you clients (who were there on time) not wait long. This creates a very stressful scenario for the entire staff involved.

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The most common way to fix the no-call no-show is charging patients who cancel within 24 hours of their appointment, and charging for those who don’t show up. This works, sometimes; other times, they want to argue with you; the decision is up to you. Another way to fix this problem is to confirm every appointment. Personally, my dentist, and many dentists that I work for have a confirmation system of email, phone, and text. All three of these at different times, so you keep getting reminders. Many people even go a step farther and have an option to “click to confirm” This is great, but not a complete necessity.

This problem can never be solved completely, but there are many ways to help bring down the percentage.

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Do you have any experience of this, or any other ideas on how to help the problem?

We would all love to hear your thoughts/stories, comment below!


Create Relationships

One of the things about working in dentistry is the fact that everybody is very close; dentists and a lot of staff from different offices all have friendships. This is both a good thing, and a bad thing. Good, because everybody takes care of everybody, referrals can really help your business, and it can create lifelong friendships. It could be be bad in regards that you pissed someone off, well you may have aggregated more than one person, and word travels fast. However, if you’re making people angry early on in your career, chances are you are going to have a hard time throughout the rest of it.

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Go make Friends! This can set you up with many business opportunities, and can really help you when you need advice or recommendations on what to do with your office. Many counties throughout the US have a dental society. This is a great way to meet people who work in the same area that you do, talk about similar things, and so on. The next, larger, step is visiting your State’s dental association meetings, Finally, if you are looking for something bigger, you can go to an ADA conference; they have great deals from all of their vendors, and a plethora of information. Also, you can meet many new dentists from all across the country.

Meeting new people can really be the success of your business. Everyone is friendly, and if you are just starting your practice, well, they’ve done that too. They come with a plethora of advice, wisdom, and recommendations. Plus, if you work something out, you can have a referral system back and forth, which many of my local dentists do. Whether you are working in a semi-corporate, corporate, or independent practice, go out to these meetings, and meet some new people who do what you do.

Have any other great Associations or societies I should visit? Let me know in the comment below!

Keys to being Efficient

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Being efficient has been talked about in more depth earlier. I explained the difference in efficiency and effectiveness, and discussed what to achieve first and how to make them work together. In this, it was discussed that effectiveness will bring the customers, but efficiency will bring you profits; this can be viewed here. By this time, most of you are wondering, “well, how do I become efficient?”, so let’s discuss some key steps that can be made to allow this to happen.

Look into your books: First of all, you must be willing to work; both on patients, and in your office. It is best to set out some time and get into a routine. Personally, every morning I get the books done and manage everything before I start working, every Friday I run reports and make sure everything is looking good, and at the end of every month, I look really hard and in depth into the books. As mentioned before, saving yourself 1% doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes down to it, it saves you lots. What you are looking for is your number 1 expense, go into depth and see if you absolutely NEED to have those expenses, or if some things are a waste. Once you have your largest expense figured out, start moving down the list on the next ranking expenses.

Buy things in Bulk: When you are looking at your yearly expenses, start looking at how many certain things you bought. Maybe throughout the year you used 100,000 sterilization bags, and 1000 burs (just making numbers up), now why not buy those all at once and get a larger discount? usually, the more you buy, the less you spend per piece. This can save you some money in the long run, and drop your costs.

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Make sure you Operatory is running great: There is nothing worse than having a busy day, but not being able to work due to equipment failure. Now, listen up, a lot of people do not want to properly maintain handpieces or equipment, THIS IS THE CHEAPEST AND BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR PRACTICE. It ensures that everything will be running at the highest level it can be, for the longest time possible. Always have a backup plan, especially with small equipment. Whether it be old handpieces that you use for emergency scenarios, or a local dentist friend who has an extra that they loan you in case of emergency, you need something.

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Be prepared: Stuff happens, and there is sometimes nothing you can do. To help in these situations, build a good strong relationship with a dental equipment repairman. The better the relationship, the more likely they will drop things in order to get you back up and running. Remember, the faster the better, the longer it is broken, you are losing on profits. Also, make sure you have a handpiece repair technician who is also fast. It may not seem like it, but having broken handpieces will build stress on the currently working handpieces. You want to get them fixed ASAP and get them back into the operation.

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Efficient or Effective?

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Effective: “successful in producing a desired or intended result.” Being effective allows you to get what you want out of something. Refer back to the example above, “I grossed 1 million this year!” If you had a goal to gross 1 million, than you achieved it, you are effective! It doesn’t matter what you spent to get there, all that matters is you got there.

Efficient: “achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.” Being efficient allows you to get the most productivity as possible, without wasting money or time getting there. I’ve talked to people saying, “I grossed 1 million this year!” Yes, great, that’s awesome, but unless you know how efficient they are, it doesn’t really matter. They may have grossed 1 million, but they spent 2.

Now one isn’t more important than the other; they are both unique in their own ways. They can exist without one another, but the best way to utilize them is having them work together. This is something that can take a lot of time and energy to figure out, but once you do, your business will be ran and operated better than anyone else’s. Lets look back at the previous example, “I grossed 1 million this year!” now let’s assume that the goal was to gross 1 million dollars and spend less than last year. This shows that they were 1) effective, as they achieve their goal. and 2) efficient, as they increased productivity without wasting expenses.

The key to becoming efficient and effective is first becoming effective. If you can achieve the results that you strive for consistently, then you can start working on efficiency. Start cutting unnecessary cost, start buying things in bulk, start cutting your unneeded bills. Even if you save 1%. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but 1% of 1 million turns out to be $10,000 that is instantly added to your profit. You can save 1% and many things that will show up on your income sheet. Also, being effective, and focusing on efficiency will allow your staff to become more productive. 


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Once your business is effective, and efficient, it will be hard to compete with you, and easier for you to successfully run your practice. You’ll make the most profit in any situation, and you will use the least production possible while still having the same results. It’s basically just a smarter way to look at “work smarter, not harder”. besides, who doesn’t want to make more, but work less?

What do you think? Comment below on what is holding you back, and I can help!

Be Happy!

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A key to success, happiness, enjoyability of work, and customer satisfaction is happiness. Who likes going to the dentist to be treated like crap, and not enjoy their time? Well, some people will never “enjoy” their time, but you can make it enjoyable for them as possible. Having a happy staff, being able to have fun and joke around, will have nothing but good benefits for your office.

To do this, get rid of bad workers, unhappy people, or employees who are negative. In order to be positive and stay afloat is by cutting the anchor, or getting rid of dead weight. Find those people who are enjoyable to work with, who are outgoing, and who enjoy being around people. The most important thing is being able to have your staff get along; and not fakingly, getting along as friends. This ensures a friendly environment, and really helps the clients relax and feel comfortable at your office. There are many employee traits that you should aim in looking for. 

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As you know by now, the key to your business is customers. The happier you can make them, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends, and to be a lifelong customer. When you have a friendly and welcoming staff, it is very unlikely that the customer will ever leave. Make it so they can not find the kind of service that you give them anywhere else. If the customer is satisfied, you will be too. Plus, having a great staff will make your workdays much easier and better for you. You will enjoy work and the days will fly by.

Still having problems with getting a happy staff?

I would love to hear your input, please comment your thoughts.