Be Happy!

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A key to success, happiness, enjoyability of work, and customer satisfaction is happiness. Who likes going to the dentist to be treated like crap, and not enjoy their time? Well, some people will never “enjoy” their time, but you can make it enjoyable for them as possible. Having a happy staff, being able to have fun and joke around, will have nothing but good benefits for your office.

To do this, get rid of bad workers, unhappy people, or employees who are negative. In order to be positive and stay afloat is by cutting the anchor, or getting rid of dead weight. Find those people who are enjoyable to work with, who are outgoing, and who enjoy being around people. The most important thing is being able to have your staff get along; and not fakingly, getting along as friends. This ensures a friendly environment, and really helps the clients relax and feel comfortable at your office. There are many employee traits that you should aim in looking for. 

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As you know by now, the key to your business is customers. The happier you can make them, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends, and to be a lifelong customer. When you have a friendly and welcoming staff, it is very unlikely that the customer will ever leave. Make it so they can not find the kind of service that you give them anywhere else. If the customer is satisfied, you will be too. Plus, having a great staff will make your workdays much easier and better for you. You will enjoy work and the days will fly by.

Still having problems with getting a happy staff?

I would love to hear your input, please comment your thoughts.


Author: Nason

Honesty, determination, and persistence are three things that are highly upheld with the common goal of leaving every customer satisfied with the reliable and effortless system of the company. Customers will always be upheld as a number one priority, and every effort will be made to ensure they receive the best care possible. This is a statement that I have developed and used with my first company, and is still used every day with my current company.

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