Have your Customers Find you


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As anyone who owns any type of business will know, the key to making it successful is by having customers. No customers = no money = no business. Many people say, “customers make the world go round” which is absolutely true. In dentistry, it is a bit harder to find customers. With a lot of competition, and many people and their desire to stay with the dentist who “they have had for years” it becomes very hard to find new customers.

One of the keys to finding new customers, isn’t really finding new ones at all. Create relationships with families and friends. If you create strong enough relationships, you have found yourself a lifelong customer; if they are young, they will have their children come to you as well. Walaah! You have a new lifelong customer that you have done minimal work to acquire.

Another way in finding new customers can be through referrals from other dentists. This is one of the best ways of acquiring new clients.  Another way, which is also very easy, is making yourself found on Google, and social media platforms. With the internet getting larger and larger, and becoming a huge part of someone’s everyday life, let yourself be found. when they type in “dentist” on google, make sure your name will be there. Create a strong website, and start asking customers to review your practice. This way, when they find you, they can look at your reviews, and see just how awesome you are.

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Social media is also a huge part of getting new customers. Create a social media page on every popular site: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Start posting, and sharing posts related to yours. Have customer check-in on facebook; the more activity your page receives, the more people will see it. Also, start posting and sharing blogs. It is a great way to speak to many potential customers, and attract them to your website.

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Author: Nason

Honesty, determination, and persistence are three things that are highly upheld with the common goal of leaving every customer satisfied with the reliable and effortless system of the company. Customers will always be upheld as a number one priority, and every effort will be made to ensure they receive the best care possible. This is a statement that I have developed and used with my first company, and is still used every day with my current company.

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